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Insider Chronicles – A Year In Review

Goodbye 2020! It’s a new year, of course, but more personally, it’s almost my birthday. Being that it falls just three weeks after New Year’s, I’ve always used my birthday as more of a starting/ending point for my year. Since it’s that time of year again, I thought I’d share with my small corner of […]

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Opening Day Las Vegas Strip Walk

Las Vegas is Open! After nearly three months, casinos on the Las Vegas Strip opened their doors on June 4th. There’s been much speculation about how different casino operations would be when the time finally came to reopen. My Drop Box cohost Willy Allison and I decided to walk the strip on June 4th, visiting […]


Appearing on B in the Know Vlog

Straight to the vlog What is B in the Know? I met Bennie Mancino something like ten years ago, in Mesquite, where we worked together for a very short time. In the month that we worked together, we became fast friends. A big reason, I think, is because we had similar philosophies on the casino […]


Appearing on The Blackjack Apprenticeship Podcast

What is Blackjack Apprenticeship? (Straight to the Podcast) Recently, I appeared on The Blackjack Apprenticeship Podcast, with Colin Jones. If you’re not familiar with BJA, it is the premiere training program and community for card counters. The program offers training material, boot camps, a member forum, and other content that provide the ideal platform to […]


A Clean Start – What’s Next in Gaming?

The Current State Andrew here, coming to you live from Las Vegas, where the world has essentially stopped, if you’re in the casino business that is. It’s a strange sensation, the casinos and hotels being closed. The strip is dark, except for some heartwarming messages some casinos make with the lights of their hotel rooms. […]


Time and Money: The Key Resources In Casino Gaming

The Gaming World Resources are paramount in this world. Water, oil, and natural gas are only a few of the most precious resources on this planet. They’re valuable because they’re limited, and they make our lives livable.  Casino gaming is its own small world, with its own resources. Time and money are undisputed as the […]

The Evolution of Gaming

An Evolution is Upon Us The gaming industry is in the midst of an evolution. So much so, in fact that here in Las Vegas, we don’t even call it the gaming industry anymore. Now, we refer to it as the “Service Industry.” The gaming business has faded away, and from its ashes has risen […]

Appearing on the Gambling With An Edge Podcast

(straight to the podcast) GWAE To me, Gambling With An Edge is the greatest resource available to current and future advantage players. It’s a collection of some of the greatest minds from all different forms of advantage play. There’s decades, centuries even, of experience and insight all collected on one website, for free! I’ve been […]

Could Card Counters Actually Be Good For Business?

I know, it sounds crazy. Maybe even unfathomable. But think outside the box with me. It’ll be a quick one, I promise. For decades now, the main concern of table games management has been advantage play, specifically card counters. Now, there have been select few, who we’ve all read about, who have done serious damage to departmental […]

Managing on Superstition

Very Superstitious Something I’ve been passionate about during my time in this business is making informed decisions. One of my major goals in my journey in this business is to eradicate the practice of managing a casino floor based on superstition. It’s 2019. It’s time for us all as an industry to accept the fact […]