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What is B in the Know?

I met Bennie Mancino something like ten years ago, in Mesquite, where we worked together for a very short time. In the month that we worked together, we became fast friends. A big reason, I think, is because we had similar philosophies on the casino business, along with the man we call Mark (who hopefully you know from The Blackjack Insiders). This modern, mathematical approach to the casino business bound the three of us together, because we were surrounded by people, colleagues and leaders, who did not share this modern approach. Bennie was there with us when our card counting operation was starting to gain serious traction. He was one of the few people who knew what we were up to, and liked talking about advantage play philosophy with us.

After our short stint together in Mesquite, Bennie and I stayed good friends. Mark and I kept him updated on our exploits, which we didn’t do for many people. Bennie was in our inner circle. When we were ready to disband our card counting escapade, Bennie offered us jobs in Vegas. I accepted. For personal reasons, I needed to move to Vegas anyway. I relished the chance to work for Bennie, instead of taking a chance on the unknown. Bennie got me my first casino job in Las Vegas, helping start the snowball that rolled into what I do, and who I am now.

Bennie has since moved onward and upward in the casino business, now Vice President of Table Games for Hard Rock Cincinnati. He’s a big voice in the casino world. When he talks, people listen. Now, he’s doing a casino related vlog called B in the Know. I’m honored to be the guest on the second episode. Of course, we talk about my book. We also touch on the current situation with casinos closing and reopening, and how that might go. We talk about a subject that is important to me, and I love what Bennie calls it: psychological advantage play.

I recommend subscribing to Bennie’s channel and keeping up with his content. He’s a smart casino mind, and a great guy.

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